Universal Cultivator HURRICANE

einboeck-HURRICANE-PB127982.60 m - 4.60 m

The Hurricane is suitable for shallow stubble cultivation directly after harvesting and threshing, for deep soil cultivation to break dense soil horizons, for intense preparation of seedbeds and for mixing and spreading of fertilizer and harvest residues (organic mass). No matter if followed by a convential soil tillage with a plow or a non-turning tillage. The HURRICANE is a very compact and felxible universal cultivator that can effectivly be used on small and large fields. The optimal working speed to get the best mix result  is 8 – 12 km/h. Avoidung soil evaporation after harvesting is one of the most important tillage measure.



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At a shallow stubble cultivation it is necessary to work deeper from time to time to avoid a compaction horizon at shallow depths. The low tine spacing effects a perfect tillage and a good mixing with more tines. Because of the special shape of the tines the HURRICANE is very easy to drag with low resistance.

For extreme stony soils we offer the HURRICANE with spring tines.

New wing shares - shallow, deep, always intensive

With an easy and fast  assembly of additional wing shares to the standard dual-heart point the HURRICANE works effectivly in shallow deepths of only 6 cm. For stubble cultivation it is important to create the ideal conditions for the germination of weeds and volunteer grains. They must not be layed too deep, so they can germinate as fast as possible.


Possible working depths:
Hurricane 2.60 m to 4.60 m Working width: 6 cm to 25 cm



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