Universal seeder ROTOSEEDER

Einböck ROTOSEEDER1.00 m - 20.00 m

- For rotation and long-term fallow seed, intercrops, grass seeds, simultaneous cropping, slug pellets & similar granules

- Scatter plate with adjustable casting shovels

- Baffle plate for precise adjustment of the scatter range and the casting requirements

- Special stirring, wave-like motion for grass

- 12 Volt electric drive, charged by a simple connection to the tractor battery

- Infinitely variable capacity regulation and speed control

- Compact and stable construction, easily attachable to a variety of machines

- 90 litre synthetic container with sealed lid to prevent permeation of dirt and rain water

- Convenient to operate, user friendly control from the driver cabin

- Cables: 3 m cable (conducting electricity) from battery to control module 6 m cable connecting the control module to the Rotoseeder

- Control module with adjustable rotational speed regulation, digital indicator and airtight keyboard.

- Steel frame for mounting in the driver cabin

- Three-point-attachment-set

- Electric control module  "World"

- Adjustable rotational speed regulation

- Digital indicator

- On and Off of seed dispenser slide is also indicated on the control module



- Scatter disc with adjustable casting shovels
- robust screwed cover
- special stirring shaft with adaptor sleeves to extend the agitator for grasses
- Baffle plate for precise adjustment of the working width range and the spreading characteristics
- Height-adjustable frame with top link mounting
- easy mounting with clamping plate
- 3 m power supply cable from battery to control unit
- 6 m cable from control unit to seeder
- support bracket for mounting the control unit

Electric control module WORLD

- Adjustable rotational speed regulation
- Digital indicator
- Digital inspection of the rotational speed and measurement
- keep the rotational speed constant
- Auto starter for compacted and jammed seeds
- Calculation of the acreage
- Measurement of the operating voltage
- Inspection of the temperature
- Work hours-counter
- Possibility to choose different languages
- Preparation for hydraulic sensor
- Stepless distribution width adjustment 4 - 20 m

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