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Our already over 85 years lasting success-story consists of a high number of mile-stones which finally brought us to the position we are in now. We can proudly say that through our decades of experience we most of the time managed to combine tradition and innovation:

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New management-team

Leopold Einböck Sr. expanded the team of managing directors to include his two sons Michael Einböck and Leopold Einböck Jr. who have already been working in the company for several years.


New consultants

We hire new consultants, organic-professionals and skilled metal workers. Total number of employees reaches approx. 200.


Extension of office building

We invest in an additional office building for 25 employees, an exhibition hall (470 m²) and training facilities for 60 guests. Graphiti-artists beauty a 20 x 5 m wall of a production hall.


Foundation of the second daughter company in USA

To be able to support our customers overseas directly we found together with our Canadian importer FRONTLINK Inc. the joint-venture FARM POWER IMPLEMENTS Inc.


Foundation of the first daughter company

We found our first daughter company Einböck France S.A.R.L. to be even closer to our customers in France.


Introduction of EVP

The Einböck Verbesserungsprozess (Einböck Improvement Process) is introduced and since then brings a lot of improvements in production process and office procedures .


Start of the 4th generation's entry into the family business

Michael takes over the management of design and development in 2014 after many years of working in the production. 2019 Leopold Jun., after many years in the financial management, becomes the head of marketing and is responsible for sales in Southern Europe. Theresa has been supporting the financial management since 2016.


Continuance of modernisation in the production process

New investment in an assembly hall. A new tube-laser-cutter works in 3 shifts now. A new bending press, the 3rd flatbed-laser-cutting system and the new warehousing- and production software are introduced. (total investment 3 Mio. €)


Camera steering system for the inter-row crop cultivators

The first Row-Guard is introduced in standard production portfolio.


New colleagues

New sales representatives and workers are hired. The number of employees reaches the number of 100.


A shot blasting system is purchased

The introduction of the shot blasting system improves the quality of painting dramatically.


New markets

Our sales activities are extended to Russia. For the first time in our history we cross the 10 million turnover border.


2 new warehouse- and production halls are built – they also include a wood chip heating- and a photovoltaic system

Our full company is heated with wooden chips. Also the heat to burn in the red paint is provided by the wood chip heating system. A big part of the required timer are taken from woods owned by the company. By using clean and renewable energy we heat CO2-neutral. The photovoltaic system produces 160.000 kWh electricity annually.


New flatbed-laser-cutting system and starting of contracting works

A new, highly modern flatbed-laser-cutting system is purchased. The division of contracting works is developed.


New office-building

A new office building with 500 m² for 20 office clerks and a training room for 15 people is built.


Hiring further employees

For the first time the number of employees is higher than 50.


Extension of the company

A warehouse and a painting workshop are built. For the system to recycle the water, which is used for cleaning the machines before painting, we are honored with the award for environmental protection of the region of Upper Austria. For many years now we treat the water and re-use it.


The first machines for grassland care

Birth of the PNEUMATICSTAR-line as a consequence of developing the first machines for grassland care.


Handover to the third generation

Leopold Einböck III (born 1966) and Birgit Einböck (born 1966) take over the business


Participation in international fairs and development of the first tined weeder

Start up of participation in international shows what grows the export business strongly. The first tined weeder becomes part of the standard product line. This builds the foundation for today’s AEROSTAR-line.


Start of the CHOPSTAR line

For the first time inter-row crop cultivators are produced and sold in Austria and the neighbouring Bavaria.


First export

The first machine which is sold outside Austria is not shipped to Germany, but to Southafrica.


Handover to the 2nd generation

Leopold Einböck II (1934 – 2016) takes over the business and actively starts to train apprentices, the number of employees grows within the coming years over 10.


Leopold II starts as a trainee in the business of his father

Leopold II is the first worker Leopold I employs.


Foundation of the company in the interwar period

Leopold Einböck I (1909 -1976) founds the blacksmith shop Einböck and starts production of cultivators