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Are you interested in hearing the experiences of long-standing organic and grassland experts?
Do you want to improve yields and increase quality? 

Sustainable and organic farming requires precision and experience! This is exactly why we would like to pass on our decades of knowledge and offer training courses again. In the last months we organized many training lessons. Now the Fusion-Farming Online Training lessons are available at any time.
Have fun with the training!


Effective & Successful
with weeder and row-crop cultivator

The right technology for maximum efficiency in organic farming - right from the start!

Speaker: Thomas Berrer (Consultant and longtime practitioner)

Target group: Beginners, changeovers, interested people


The following topics will be discussed:

  • What is important in organic farming
  • Tips and tricks for using the machines
  • Examples from practice

Grassland care - Increase forage quality,
secure grassland yield

High-quality stable feed will catapult your milk yield upwards!
Recommendations on how to increase forage quality and thus ensure higher yields!
Speaker: Johannes Eder (Consultant and longtime practitioner)
Target group: Farmers with grassland


The following topics will be discussed:

  • Preparing grassland for the next season
  • Future measures for drought-tolerant grassland
  • Examples from practice