End-of-year review 2020

End-of-year review 2020

End-of-year review 2020


Dear customers and farmers,
Dear partners, dealers and friends of Einböck,


Nobody could have imagined that 2020 would pass without any big events or fairs or that we would not be able to maintain social contacts. Like so many other companies we were caught unprepared by the Corona crisis. However, our big advantage was once again that we as a small company were able to adapt quickly to the conditions. As we have one production location in Austria (as well as a very large warehouse for raw materials) we did not have to close our production. So together as a team we mastered this challenge very well. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees for their loyalty and willingness to work in these challenging times and hope that we can continue to build upon this in the future. The last weeks and months have once again confirmed that we, the team Einböck, are a perfectly harmonized and motivated team.


What happened in the company Einböck in the last 12 months?


  • Largest volume of sales in the company's history: Despite the Corona pandemic, this year we were again able to increase our sales. We have generated the largest turnover in the company's history. Basically, all our product lines as well as markets were able to gain an increase.
  • Investments in production: In the last few months we again invested in our production. For example, two new tube lasers extend our laser department. In addition, various machines for the mechanical processing of our parts were purchased. To ensure that the sanitary area of our employees in the production is large enough it has been renovated and doubled in size. To ensure that our test team and product management have enough space for testing or training for dealers, partners, etc. additional arable land was purchased.
  • Internal events: we are very sorry that we had to cancel our annual Christmas and barbecue party. In addition, the "winner-dinner" of our "EVP" (Einböck Improvement Process) could not be held. Especially such events are important for us as a family business and certainly a highlight every year for many. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate these festivities in 2021!
  • External events: Unfortunately, many events such as fairs, field days, exhibitions, etc. also had to be cancelled. Personal contact is still very important, especially in our agricultural technology branch. Therefore, we are all very pleased and hope that in 2021 many events can be held again, where we can exchange ideas and solutions with our (future) customers and our worldwide partners.
  • Online training: Due to the many cancellations of fairs as well as the personal customer contact getting more and more difficult, we have decided to organise online trainings. We are pleased that we have received a lot of positive feedback as a result and, above all, that the trainings are very well attended. In addition, our experts are asked many questions in the live chat, which we are happy to answer. Our online company tour was also a great success as well as designed interestingly for many external participants. For now, we have been receiving over 1,600 registrations from more than 900 people for a total of 21 courses (in 3 different languages).
  • Print and online marketing: We are pleased to announce that we have been able to expand our "Organic Farming Handbook" and that it now has 60 pages. It includes topics such as soil cultivation, cover crops, crop rotation and of course many, many pages on weeding and hoeing techniques. A new handbook of grassland care, which will be published in January, will also explain our grassland technology in detail and provide an insight into practical applications. All brochures, such as our AEROSTAR, CHOPSTAR or PNEUMATICSTAR line, have been or will also shine in a new layout at next year´s Agritechnica.
  • Looking into the future: We are pleased that, despite the external troubles and challenges, we can look forward to a very promising spring. Our machines are strongly desired by the market and make a great contribution to the sustainable production of food - the entire Einböck team is also very proud of it. We are pleased that the niche in which we have been operating for more than 40 years now is getting bigger and bigger. We are also proud that we are among the world market leaders in weeding and hoeing technology. Many ideas and further developments as well as the positive feedback from the industry show us that we are still on the right way. We are also looking forward to many great events in the upcoming year, such as various field days and the Agritechnica 2021.

Finally, we wish you and your families a relaxing holiday season, Merry Christmas, a healthy and successful year 2021, and a lot of quality time with your families and friends. We are looking forward to starting again next year together with you and to arrange the agricultural technology, as well as agriculture in general, in a positive, sustainable and future-oriented way.


Until then, best regards from Upper Austria,
"Stay healthy!"


Your family Einböck
As well as the Einböck team


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