Precise, clean and flat cut

Precise, clean and flat cut

Precise, clean
and flat cut


At minimum working depth - the new Ultraflat duckfoot sweeps

Decades of experience are the basis of our constant progress: the new ultraflat duckfoot sweep is the latest development. The Einböck special ultra-flat duckfoot sweeps enable an exact, clean cut at a minimum working depth. The extra-flat duckfoot sweeps ensure to cut the soil at a constant, very shallow working depth and thus save as much valuable capillary water as possible. The horizontal position of the ultraflat duckfoot sweeps s allows a higher working speed without throwing up soil, ideal to use them for hoeing in narrow row spacing (up to a row distance of 30 cm) as the crop does not get buried.

The sweeps are available in widths up to 220 mm. Like all Einböck sweep-holders, these ones also have slatted grooves for easier adjustment of the working depth and to ensure better grip.


Read more about it in the options of our row-crop cultivators CHOPSTAR!

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