The Organic Farming Handbook

The Organic Farming Handbook

The Organic
Farming Handbook


We proudly present "The Organic Farming Handbook"!

How does Fusion Farming work? What is important in organic farming?
The guide for mechanical weed control - here you will find tips and interesting facts about weeding and hoeing techniques.

What can you expect from the new handbook?
The newly revised manual is filled with practical tips and information. In addition to graphics showing the growth stages of different crops it also describes at what stage the hoeing and weeding process should be done. Furthermore, how to work in various crops is explained very detailed. Also recommendation tables can be found as an overview.


What does my soil show me and how should I work it?
In addition to the importance of indicator plants you will also find a lot of information on stubble work, seedbed preparation or intercrop application.


The right machine for every crop
Are you looking for the right machine for your crops? Then take a look at our recommendation tables for different types of grain and crops.


The core: The basics of weeding and hoeing technology
The core of the manual are the basics of weeding and hoeing techniques. You will learn all the principles of mechanical weed control and receive tips on the correct setting of the row crop cultivator, (blind) weeding and tools such as finger hoes. In addition to the "TOP 10 of weeding", many practical applications are shown.







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