Weeding of winter cereals

Weeding of winter cereals

Weeding of winter cereals


Did you already seed your winter crops? If yes, then now is the time to weed them correctly and to effectively prevent weeds from growing in spring.


Sowing in time
To ensure the 1st weeding in winter cereals is still possible before winter comes, the seeding time is very important.
Winter barley, triticale and rye should start tillering before the end of vegetation. Winter wheat and spelt should overwinter in the 3 leaf stage.


Blind weeding extremely effective
Because of weather conditions, the timing for blind weeding in autumn is often difficult and, in some years, it is no longer possible. Here you have to act carefully: the work should be done very gently to prevent any damage on the crop. Depending on the soil and weather conditions, the tine position can be gently set between 1 and 3.


The 1st weeding
When the crops enter the 2- to 3-leaf stage and weather conditions still allow an operation, the tines should be used with medium to aggressive setting. Depending on soil and weather conditions the tine position of the AEROSTAR or AEROSTAR-EXACT can be set between position 2 and 4. Whether a weeding operation is still necessary depends on the weed pressure. In most cases weeding should be carried out in the 3-leaf stage.
ATTENTION: no night frost should occur after tine weeding! Besides weed control, this weeding operation stimulates tillering, loosens and aerates the topsoil.


With light pressure into spring
Weeding in autumn is often not possible due to the wet weather and/or soil conditions. For this reason, tined weeders should be operated in spring as soon as possible. As soon as there is no longer frost and the soil is dry enough, tillering should be stimulated and the soil loosened and aerated with little pressure on the weeder section. In Spring you will read more about this operation here.


The above mentioned points are based on practical experience and depend on conditions and the results can vary. Einböck does not bear any responsibility on correctness and cannot bear any liability for damage on crop / machines!

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