Carbide metal sweep CHOPSTAR

Carbide metal sweep CHOPSTAR

Carbide metal sweep


New in our product range are carbide metal sweeps for our hoeing machines!

These are available in S-tine, Vibrotine 32 x 12 mm and Vibrotine 40 x 12 mm. The screwed coupling is the same as for the standard sweeps. During processing the carbide tips or carbide plates are soldered to the special base bodies of the sweeps and then coated. The sweeps are 100% compatible and adapted to all variants of Einböck tines holders - no tolerances and compromises in fitting accuracy.


Carbide metal sweeps offer the following advantages:

  • Service life is considerably increased – especially in soil conditions with above-average wear
  • Time saving due to unnecessary changes of sweeps
  • The sweeps remain longer in their usual shape, resulting in a precise cut and good move even on dry ground
  • Less traction required due to sharp sweep tips and self-sharpening due to beaver tooth effect
  • Especially recommended for contractors / big farms


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