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einboeck-presse-seedbed-preparation-00FARM POWER with Universal Fine Cultivators TAIFUN and VIBROSTAR

Spring waits just around the corner and field work already knocks on your door: effectively incorporate winter greenings with TAIFUN and VIBROSTAR and at the same time prepare a perfect spring seed bed.

Already long time the Einböck Universal Cultivator TAIFUN enjoys good reputation in tillage and its economic way of operation is proven. Being a classical blade cultivator the TAIFUN does an excellent job in seedbed preparation and its performance in incorporation of winter greening is outstanding. Winter greenings like mustard, phacelia, field beans or peas are incorporated without clogging the cultivator. The intensive mixing and cutting of the full surface on seed-bed depth make the TAIFUN to a reliable partner in economic tillage.
In heavy crop of winter greening, the VIBROSTAR with front roller and 10 cm line spacing provides clogging-free incorporation of the winter greening in just one pass. High productivity with low hp-requirement is ensured by the front roller when incorporating the winter-greening during seedbed preparation. When equipped with duckfoot-shares the machine makes sure the full surface is cut in seedbed depth.

The seed bed combination EXTREM specialises in the seed bed preparation for beets and maize on areas without winter greening.
The optimal soil structure and reconsolidation ensure improving of natural productivity. To ensure this a wide range of different rollers is available.
On TAIFUN, VIBROSTAR and EXTREM trailing weeder tines are available as option – they are designed to groom weeds what is essential for organic farmers.



´The Einböck VIBROSTAR with front roller does an excellent job in incorporation of winter greening.





















VIBROSTAR with front roller