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einboeck-presse-chopstar-0310-01Experience the benefit of the CHOPSTAR in row-crops like
Soja & co

High costs for herbicides and the increased economic pressure in agriculture lead to new ways of thinking: not only organic farmers consider mechanic weed control as being attractive – also conventional operations benefit from state of the art row-crop cultivation to improve economic competitiveness, boost effectiveness and yields.

Economic weed control builds the base for economic production of beets, corn, pumpkins, soya, etc. The Einböck CHOPSTAR ensures good growth, higher yields and efficient weed control.

Intelligent solutions like automatic-mechanic steering on rear mounted, close position of the hoe to the front linkage on front mounted or camera steering systems on all hoes ensure high speed operation in all circumstances (higher 10 km/h). This leads to high productivity, bigger than 5 ha / hour. The cost per operation is calculated lower than 20,00 € / hectare.

A cultivation right before canopying of the crop can replace the last spraying operation in conventional farms and helps to reduce costs. Another positive effect of hoeing is the breaking of crusts, in the same run also of the capillary action, the soil is aerated and growth is supported. Nutrient activation by microorganisms and regulation of the waterbalance are positive side effects when using the Einböck CHOPSTAR.
The finger weeders allow efficient and crop-protecting weed control in the row.
An increased yield and therefore higher profit margins are the result.