Interview with Jonas Schulze Niehoff/ Schleibnitz / Sachsen-Anhalt

einboeck-interview-niehoff-schulze-klein„Rarely such clear crops."

Einböck has experience in organic tillage for decades. Mechanical weed control gets still easier with novelty ROW-GUARD, camera steering system for hoes. Jonas Schulze Niehoff explains the way to save costs and time, plus more harvest with camera steered hoe technology.

Mr. Schulze Niehoff, since when you are an organic farmer and what are you producing?
1990 my father changed his conventional agriculture to organic. That means we are cultivating our farm biological for nearly 25 years and have gained a lot of experience during this time. We run pure cultivation of our land. On 450 hectare we are producing maize, potatoes, peas, beans and cereals, prevalent spelt and oat.

How did you become aware of Einböck?
I am a regular visitor of the Agritechnica (fair in Hanover) and at that time exposed finger hoe drew attention to our employee. As I discovered camera steering system, it was clear that this system is suitable for our plant and exactly this machine is the one we need.

So, you bought hoe and camera steering system ROW-GUARD together?
Yes, and it has been the best and most wise acquisition. We bought 8-rows hoe with finger hoe, heap element (75 cm row distance) and camera steering system and we are really thrilled. This year my team worked about 350 hectare with it and the use is a big pleasure. An profitable investment!

In which way? Where are the big advantages of this system?
Our old hoe had a mechanical steering. We were not able to drive more than 3 until 6 kilometres per hour – higher speed was not possible. Now we can drive faster (until 12 kilometres per hour) and have higher hoeing efficiency. On sandy floor higher speed would be possible but at our conditions it will stop at 12 kilometres per hour. It means that we save about 25% of our labour costs because we reduce time and personnel costs with new steering. Moreover the increment accelerates pay-off of the machine.

How clear camera recognize the rows?
I made course of instruction via phone and read the operation manual. I did all adjustments on my own – handling has been really simple. I only was doubtful concerning correct height of camera. Though first test run was already successful. It’s ideal that slipped frame moves parallel to the hoe. Camera recognizes rows reliable and the camera steering system guides hoe with absolute precision.

Mr. Schulze Niehoff, thank you for informative conversation!
Last question: How developed your crops after hoeing?
As organic farmer we always fight at numerous fronts of weeds. But now pressure of weeds is low- we rarely had such clear crops what is due to ideal hoe efficiency. Recently I even was asked whether I again cultivated conventional or used chemistry because of my great fields. This makes heart of an owner of an organic farm beat faster. A nice confirmation to be on the right way!