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Grassland care in late summereinboeck-gruenland-spaetsommer-klein-pro

Directed measures for grassland care disburse! Especially now, towards the end of growing season a good preparation of crops for winter is really important. Survival of high quality turf can be supported or rather problem areas can be repaired, and holes can be closed.



Problem solvers of Einböck prepare your grassland for winter. PNEUMATICSTAR and PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO render best services by established weeding technology and concurrent aftersowing. Undesirables trailing species like creeping buttercup, chickweed or bent grass have no chance with regular input.

Fit for winter with short grassland turf
Depending on weather trend crop, pasturing or mulching, with target of short lawn, happens until end of October. On all accounts it’s necessary to avoid rest of meadow and to winterize crop preferable short (between 5 and 8 cm). Both too high growth and skimped grassland turf can bear on winter firmness adversely (mushroom diseases and so on).

Set course for successful grassland season 2015 now! With short delivery times and long-time experiences Einböck is one of most important partner regarding grassland care and aftersowing. Now establishment of aftersowing is very important to lean forward holes in crop! Aftersowing in late summer causes improvement of quality of basic ration and of crop next year.


Now fit for winter with Einböck