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einboeck-presse-gruenland-grass-manager-01Guaranteed success with your grassland care

Einböck has already demonstrated competence in grassland care with GRASS-MANAGER and PNEUMATICSTAR- we extend our range with the new PNEUMATICSTAR PRO and GRASS-STAR.Whether machines for grassland care, aftersowing, underseeding or new seeding – the big range considers Einböck as a specialist in grassland maintenance and offers all possibilities for a successful grassland renovation. On 40 pages of the new prospect of grassland maintenance Einböck shows you the improvement of care, over-, after- and undersowing.


Quality and performance are no random products

Grassland maintenance and success of use are associated closely. Tending strategies are not only important in vegetation and in the end of vegetation, but also in spring to assure good start for grassland sward. General regular care of grassland is of prime importance. It is necessary:

- No wet, passable areas
- Orderly organic fertilisation
- Proper, i.e. adapted nitrogen fertilisation
- Sufficient cutting height of about 7 cm
- Optimal time of use
- Correct management of pasture land
- Necessary tending strategies.

By selective cultivation you can not only keep powerful grassland sward at high quality stage but also powerless ones with moderate quality can be whipped into shape successfully. The right choose of devices and the correct use of machines is necessary for it. You provide a basis for more green and economical advance with an Einböck machine for grassland renovation.

The GRASS-MANAGER is only for grassland maintenance without any possibility to aftersowing.
But you can upgrade a pneumatic seeder easily.

The PNEUMATICSTAR is suitable for grassland maintenance, aftersowing, under- and new seeding.
It’s an all-round machine and also applicable for mechanic weed control.
GRASS-MANAGER + mounted pneumatic seeder = PNEUMATICSTAR


The PNEUMATICSTAR PRO is predestined for grassland maintenance, aftersowing, under- and new seeding. The machine has been developed for contractors, machinery associations, large concerns and concerns which have to work on rough meadows with many molehills.

The GRASS-STAR has been developed for grassland areas where only new seeding is the solution and for damages caused by game animals (wild pig).

You will get an overview of our grassland machines in our new prospect.
Either you will download leaflets here or you will request by post. Another possibility is that you will ask at your responsible dealer.