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How to prepare a good seedbed?
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An optimal prepared seedbed is the key for the germination and growth process of the plant.




So that the germination occurs quickly and evenly, important criteria must be considered:
The plant always has to be provided in the proper amount with water, air, nutrients and heat. Before sowing the soil should be leveled, crumbled, mixed and reconsolidated with the right technology.
The levelled and flat prepared seedbed should have a medium to coarse crumbled surface with an open structure for an active gas exchange, for stopping the evaporation and for a faster heating of the soil. The seed itself should be sown in a fine crumbled horizon, under which there should be a reconsolidated and water-bearing layer.

To avoid serious soil compaction, the seedbed preparation should be done in as few work steps as possible. The field should not be worked, so far as possible, when it is wet. As a result, the soil is compacted and muddy and this delays the development of the plants. Also the correct tyre pressure of the tractor must not be ignored. A too high pressure in the tyre has not only negative impacts on the soil structure but also on fuel consumption.

In spring it is important, especially in dry areas, that the full soil moisture is used for the germination.
The time slot between a too wet and a too dry soil is very short and asks for powerful and efficient soil tillage implements. Einböck offers for all machining concepts, soil types and farm sizes the optimum solution for soil tillage machines.

The universal fine cultivator TAIFUN has the tine distributed of four beams with a line spacing of 15 cm. Therefore it is well suited for incorporation of wintergreen. In combination with optional 200 mm wide duckfoot shares the TAIFUN makes a full cut of the entire seedbed surface which controls root weeds.
The spacious framed seedbed combination VIBROSTAR has a line spacing of 10 cm and prepares, independently of the version (with 4 beams, with 4 beams and a front roller or with 5 beams), a levelled and even seedbed.

The VIBROSTAR with 5 beams is also available with VIBRO-BOARD for pre-levelling. This hydraulically incline-adjustable drag tines beam is perfect for the preparatory work on light, medium and stony soils. The extremely robust drag tines are designed for nonstop working under roughest conditions. They are also ideal for levelling winter greenings.

The proven seedbed combination EXTREM is still unbeaten on ploughed fields. It produces due to its narrow line spacing a fine crumbled and levelled seedbed, even on heavy soils.

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