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Efficient seeding systems for intercrops ensure economic and agronomic success! DRILLBOX, MECHANICBOX, ROTOSEEDER, PNEUMATICBOX, P-BOX SPEED – with the universal seeders from Einböck you are a step ahead already during tillage operations!

Efficient seeding systems for intercrops ensure economic and agronomic success! DRILLBOX, MECHANICBOX, ROTOSEEDER, PNEUMATICBOX, P-BOX SPEED – with the universal seeders from Einböck you are a step ahead already during tillage operations!

The positive effects of having the soil covered all year long in respect of fertility, weed control, retention of nitrogen, protection against erosion,… are renowned. We would like to give you a short summary and show the most efficient ways to seed intercrops.

Below mentioned points show the importance and advantages of covering the soil all year long and give important arguments for intercrops:

• Nitrogen is in mineral form available in the soil and is collected in plants and roots; therefore the mineralised nitrogen is protected against washout and remains available for the main crop.
• Full cover and shadowing of the surface very effectively prevents weeds from growing and reduces evaporation.
• The organic material provides a high-potency protection against water- and wind erosion in mulch- or direct drilling.
• Organic material has enough time to lognify, therefore organic carbon is brought
into and carbon dioxide is stored in the soil.
• After mechanical subsoiling (ideally after harvest due to dry conditions) the structure of the soil is stabilised and the infiltration rate of water is improved.
• Additional green mass provides nutriment for the organisms in the soil, ensures fertility and improves the ability to keep humidity.

It is important to understand, that various factors influence the success and effect of intercrops: seeding time, type of crop, way of seeding. Further on you have to find the right division between maximising the yield and economic way of seeding to ensure the best result.

Following you have to consider in this respect:

• Legumes can achieve a net-surplus of nitrogen, what is especially important for organic farmers, who cannot use mineral fertilisers.
• They can help to fight weeds which are difficult to control (thistle, dock); the competition for light can be more effective than tillage.
• Seeding during first stubble operation can be contra-productive; this shallow operation shall stimulate weeds and lost crop to germinate and this effect would be hindered by seeding intercrops.
Therefore it is better to seed the intercrop with the 2nd stubble operation (approx. 2 – 3 weeks after the 1st run, depending on the weather conditions) and at the same time to fight the germinated
weeds and lost crop mechanically.
• Seed mixtures have the advantage, that the roots grow to various soil layers and they have different effects; further on they make the crop rotation wider.

Einböck offers a wide range of machines for seeding of intercrops – no matter, which technology you are using, Einböck has the right machine for you!

Most of the machines are already known and you can find further details under „Products / Seeding Technology” on our website – some details and news are presented below:

ROTOSEEDER: simple, efficient, economic – our „small“ seeder is the most inexpensive and universal way to seed intercrops, but one also has to accept some compromises in respect of exactness of distribution and sensitivity against wind.


DRILL- /MECHANICBOX: the alround-talent for all rigid machines up to 3 m working width – depending on mounting height and seeding quantity you either chose Drill- er Mechanicbox. The metal-grounddrive-cassette is maintenance free and is used for rough adjustment of the seeding quantity; the new, improved seeding bodies ensure a long working life of the machine.


P-BOX SPEED: the pneumatic operated seeder with electric drive of the seeding roller makes a constant working speed necessary to keep an exact seeding rate; the exact distribution over the full working width of the machine is provided by the position of the deflector plates with splash guard. On the new version of the P-BOX SPEED the constant seeding rate (independently from the operation speed) can be retro-fitted; then the turning speed of the seeding roller is controlled via a ground radar, sensor on a (support) wheel or via the signal plug of the tractor (SPEED-TRONIC).


PNEUMATICBOX: pneumatic transport of the seeds in connection with mechanic drive of the seeding roller (via a support wheel, a wheel pressed on the rear roller or a following tail wheel) ensure an exact seeding quantity and distribution of the seeds independently from changing working speed – this makes sure the calibrated quantity is sown.


To get further details about the various machines, please click on the foto or the headline!