Engineering the Way Ahead

First work in spring is maintaining pasture. Machines for grassland care GRASS-MANAGER and PNEUMATICSTAR achieve excellent results with little efforts.

Pasture with high yield of nutritious crop forms the basis for foodstuff with high energy content. Maintained and fertilized pasture gives more than double nutrient content in the foodstuff compared to extensively farmed fields.

The GRASS-MANAGER and the PNEUMATICSTAR from Einböck level molehills, aerate and dethatch the turf, promote tillering and underseed in one pass.
Spring loaded leveling plates (options) level the molehills. An even more heavy leveling bar which works in front of the support wheels makes sure the molehills are spread loose in the turf ? this levelling bar is adjusted ?on grip? and needs to be ordered separately.
Weeder sections with 6 tine rows and a line spacing of 2,5 cm aerate and dethatch felted turf and support tillering of the crop. These sections can be equipped with tines with ø 7, 8, or 10 mm; the tines are mounted on swinging forks and the operation angle of the tines can be adjusted per section.
The machine for professionals is equipped with hydraulic pressure regulation. This makes the weeder sections copy the surface what ensures the turf is worked uniformly also in hard conditions. Furthermore, it eliminates shaking of the sections, what improves performcnace in higher working speeds.
Due to the massive construction of the Einböck machines the pasture can be worked efficient and aggressive. Especially in fighting of panicle this is a big advantage. Add a pneumatic seeder to your GRASS-MANAGER and receive a PNEUMATICSTAR. Emergence of weeds is prevented by underseeding nutritious grasses.

The big variety of machines for pasture improvement, under- and new seeding is another proof of Einböck?s focus on this sector. Grassland quality and performance build the basis for effective farm operations!