Clever plant production with Einböcks? effective storms HURRICANE and TWISTER

In order that plant production could be run effective and sustainable the right measures of tillage has to be used after harvest. Quickest possible stubble cultivation stops evaporation and makes ideal conditions for germinating lost crops and weeds.

At the same time stubble cultivation serves to prepare base bottom and has to match with later main crop in working depth. Though it is important to own the right tillage machines which reach optimal results both at shallow and at deep processing.The right choose of machines with good mix effect is important for working in and for rotting of straw. By the right stubble cultivation costs of energy and wearing can be reduced.

For this purpose Einböck has two machines in its portfolio:

The Short Disc Harrow TWISTER is an extremely compact and versatile universal machine, which effectively operates independently from the size structure of the user on small and large areas. With an optimal operation speed of 10-16 km/h the best mix can be reached.Beside stubble cultivation the universal machine is qualified for seed bed preparation. Einböcks? Twister works in a working depth of 4-12 cm most effective.

Einböcks? 4-beam universal cultivator HURRICANE assures you in all ranges of use. Whether shallow cultivation of 4 cm or depth work of 25 cm- the HURRICANE is strong in both fields. The narrow line spacing of the HURRICANE ensures a working-through of the soil all over, combined with a very good mixing by working without clogging. Due to the special shape of the tines the traction resistance of the cultivator remains. A blocking of the many tines with the 4-beam tine arrangement with wide beam spacing can be nearly excluded. The right rear rollers assure a quick and steady accumulation of lost crops and intercrops. Einböck has the well-fitting trailing rollers for every machine and different soils. We provide mechanical and pneumatic seeding machines for the output of intercrops, fine seed etc. which can be mounted on every stubble cultivator.