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Tined Weeder

For years the Einböck Tined Weeder has been well established at home and abroad not only for mechanised crop maintenance, but also as an alternative to chemical weed control. The Einböck Tined Weeder achieves decisive results in soil care through its successful application on cereals, maize, turnips, rape, potatoes, vegetables, peas, soya, fieldbeans and grassland. As you can see, there is almost no limit on the working area of the Tined Weeder. Many other effects, which result from the use of the Tined Weeder, contribute positively to the forming of a good stock of plant cultivation:

  • - Soil ventilation
  • - Regulation of the water table
  • - Stimulation of the stock


In agriculture the use of hoeing machines has gained importance in the last few years, focusing more and more on ecological needs under different conditions. Therefore measures of weed control, as for example regulated crop succession, careful cultivation, balanced dunging and a careful seed bed preparation, are more and more important.
Two machine systems, share- and rollstar hoes, are available. In maize- and beet cultivation the share hoe with self-guiding steering is most popular. EINBÖCK has helped to reach todays standard of technology through intense research and developement.