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Sport Turf Care

For powerful tee offs in sport and golf courses a perfect grassland is necessary. The SPORTSTAR is a machine which has been developed especially for grassland care; it's a must have to keep your grassland strongly in top condition.

Light, air, water and sand are very important for healthy grassland. If there is one factor missing or only existing insufficiently the whole growth is affected. Through loads of working machines and sportsmen the soil gets compact and in addition a connection with tomentum prevents a gas exchange and a transport of water. This is the perfect time to weed with the SPORTSTAR!

The weeding in of sand and worm dung and the combing out of tomentum, moss and also rests of grass cut is a facility for the SPORTSTAR.

Weed controlling and aeration of the turf and also scarifying are the multifunctional operational areas of the SPORTSTAR.

Further possible applications:

  • - Weeding moist with dew allows an immediately cutting
  • - By combing in plain grass the rotary mower is able to collect the whole grass
  • - To work top-dress-materials in, which had been put on first.
  • - To carry molehills off
  • - By request you can get our pneumatic seeder PNEUMATICBOX; you can weed in new seeds and nutrients to the already existing grassland