Product Information

Einböck FRONTSPIKEFRONT-SPIKE / FRONT-STAR: The intelligent front mounted solution

The Einböck universal rollers FRONT-SPIKE and FRONT-STAR are the ideal machines for combined seeding. The strong front-packer, in combination with rotary harrow and drill, guarantees a perfect seedbed and high yield.

The universal roller FRONT-SPIKE, which shows best results in medium to light soils, is not only good for reconsolidation – it is also excellent for breaking and leveling of the soil. Special narrowly spaced sprockets in a 3-row alignment provide best conditions for the ideal crumbling of the soil.
The FRONT-STAR, designed for heavy soil, enters the soil with the 3-row star discs, which ensures a good breaking of the soil. A crumbled seedbed ensures good seed-to-soil contact. As the sprocket / star disc rows interlock they do not get stuck even in wet soil conditions. In heavy soil conditions the rollers can be weighted or pushed down with the front link. In front of the 3 disc rows, the FRONT-SPIKE is equipped with a spring-mounted dragging tine row and the FRONT-STAR with a spring-mounted leveling bar, which can be adjusted in height without tools. Using the universal rollers prevents the tractor tracks from getting too deep. The machines that follow can work more shallow, which prevents the deeper soil layers from getting compacted and in addition the amount of fuel required for seedbed preparation is by far lower, which increases efficiency